Patient Transfer
Patient transfer is service that allows patient transfer to Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital due to medical needs. It can be made upon patient request or hospital due to inadequate medical services for specific medical needs

Via referral from doctor
Please bring the referral letter from your doctor together with any information given by your doctor from your previous visits.

* Arrangement to APSH has to be done by the individual or the hospital of transfer.
Through telephone referral
  • Please call APSH general line (603-4289 5000) or emergency line (603-4270 7060) to enquire for bed and admission availability.
  • Please call to the specialist doctor’s office or A&E service to check for service, bed, and admission availability.
  • Please provide a referral letter and a copy of patient’s medical record.
*Arrangement to APSH has to be done by the individual or the hospital of transfer.

For more information regarding patient transfer, please contact our Customer Service at ext. 1288.
KPJ APSH has embarked on Ambulance Services effective July 2011. We provide immediate first aid services to patients, transportation to hospital for adults and infant with portable incubator and vertilator facilities and also shuttle patients from hospital to airport and pick up.

Any further information please call our direct line : 03-42707060 for assistance / booking for ambulance services.