Johnson & Johnson Science of the Senses Baby Bathing Class - 17th Oct 2015

In tandem with KPJ APSH’s continuous effort to improvise patient care, KPJ APSH is always on the look out for new ideas and opportunities to create an extra mile for our patients. With that we have collaborated witth Johnson & Johnson in developing a program that complements KPJ APSH’s uncompromising efforts in infant development and care, called *Science of the Senses.

The Johnson’s-KPJ Ampang Puteri Hospital Partnership aims to drive leadership in babycare by establishing expertise in the *Science of the SensesTM for happy, healthy baby development. JOHNSON’S believes that multisensorial stimulation and enrichment is crucial to the happy, healthy development of each baby.

Throughout this campaign, we will be introducing, exploring and promoting the “multi sensorial” experience – an experience needed to develop cognitive development of our newborns; which is best stimulated during bath time. Multi sensorial experience is the stimulation of touch (skin to skin), sight, scent and audile of infants, established during bath time with their parents.

We hope, that through this campaign, we will re-define the meaning of bath time-from a “chore” to a “experience” with the goal to stimulate and develop our baby’s cognitive development.

We hope that this multi-sensorial stimulation will be viewed as important as our skin to skin practice and breastfeeding, which are practices and values we are affectionately devoted to.

As part of the program, KPJ Ampang Puteri hosted a class for our nurses to train them on the correct way of baby bathing on 17th October 2015.