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Colonoscopy Why women prefer or want a female doctor for Colonoscopy


Colonoscopy is a simple procedure performed by doctors. Doctor trained to carry out this procedure, is called Gastroenterologists. A thin, flexible tube with an inbuilt camera and light are, passed through the anal canal to check for any abnormality. Commonly it is, used to diagnose recurrent symptoms of pain, constipation, bleeding of unknown origin, any lump or swelling. Mostly doctors perform colonoscopy to diagnose, cancer or polyps. 

Due to embarrassment in undergoing this procedure is a common reason that females may not agree, and this is further complexed by not getting a female doctor to perform this procedure. 
KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital is certainly a great place for female colonscopy procedure as Dr Hamizah Razlan, performs this procedure. She is an experienced Gastroenterologist; she also performs other procedures like Upper GI Endoscopy etc. 
It’s important to perform this procedure early as soon as doctor recommends and an initial consultation with a specialist leads a patient to undergo Colonoscopy, as we all know that early detection in improving the outcomes from diseases like cancer is of utmost importance, especially after the age of 50, both in males and females. 
So, having a female doctor, performing colonoscopy is like a blessing for female patients at KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. As most women prefer a female colonoscopist, not just in Malaysia, but even in western world, as to a study conducted in the past and that study did show that feeling of Embarrassment was number one reason for females to avoid getting colonoscopy performed. 
And this single reason of feeling of Embarrassment also reminds male doctors, who refer female patients to undergo colonoscopy, shall send female patients to female doctors for better compliance in performing this procedure rather keep on delaying by female patients. 
However, it is not a gender preference but common inbuilt human feeling plays a major role in shunning this important diagnostic and therapeutic test and referring a female to a female colonoscopy doctor will certainly reduce chances of delaying the diagnoses and help resorting to correct early treatment by doctors.